Water Butt Maintenance

9000700K Tuscan Terracotta 275l photo2Water butt maintenance is a pretty simple process, and certainly worth the little effort it takes to keep your greenery in good health. You shouldn’t need to carry out maintenance checks more than once per year, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important – ignoring the butt’s needs will leave you with smelly, algae-covered water which your plants aren’t going to thank you for.

Give the water butt a good clean once per year (the height of summer is a good time, when rainfall is lower and you have less water to lose by emptying the tank): use the remaining water around the garden, and then disconnect the pipes so that you can reach right in to take out any debris and give the container a good scrub.

Don’t stop there – for the most effective and efficient water butt maintenance, it’s best to sort out the whole system at once instead of coming back to see to odd bits and pieces further down the line. Clean out the gutters and replace any faulty parts you come across. You could think about fitting a water butt filter to keep any plant debris to a minimum.

To stop mosquitos from laying their eggs in your water, keep the lid nice and tight – this will keep light from getting in, stopping algae from growing too.

You can use non-toxic treatments like Biotal Refresh Rain Water Butt Treatment to stop any smells or algae.

To collect more rainwater, you can add a number of water butts to each other and create a rainwater harvesting system. Slimline water butts are great for collecting water without taking up heaps of space.


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